Yes, Donald Trump is the most pro-life President we have had since the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision was rendered in 1973.  I’m not the first or only person to make this declaration — most recently Vice President Mike Pence!  Catholic and Protestant pro-life leaders alike have been opining on this fact as we enter the second year of the Trump presidency. 

It’s a great point of pride for those of us who argued that after a bruising GOP nominating process that pro-lifers should rally to the side of the playboy from New York to defeat Hillary Clinton who promised to be the most pro-abortion President in our history. 

That the President is so pro-life is an important fact to underscore because many in Never-Trump-Land used his late arrival to this position as a cudgel against him, saying he could not be trusted to keep his pro-life promises.  It is interesting that the same people who used Trump’s former pro-abortion position against him as a rationale not to support his candidacy were the same folks willing to give Mitt Romney a pass on the issue and his run for Massachusetts Governor campaigning as a “moderate” on the issue.

The litany of Trump’s pro-life accomplishments has been stated elsewhere but it is good to remind people that he reinstated the Mexico City Policy, appointed influential pro-lifers to key administration positions like Dr. Charmine Yoest to HHS and Former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.  The crowning jewel of his pro-life bona fides is his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the highest court in the land.  

Most extraordinary to me has been Trump’s use of the bully pulpit of the Presidency to forward the cause of life.  In the recent hotly contested Alabama Senatorial race he referred to the Democratic candidate as “pro-abortion” and recently chastised Senate Democrats for failing to enact a 20-week ban on abortions.  His address to the recent March for Life embodied his commitment to our cause and proved that he “talks the talk and walks the walk”.  In the President, we have someone willing to give a voice to the voiceless.

For far too long the pro-life movement, in some quarters, has suffered from an immaturity with regards to the purity of people’s intentions and motives.  We have been given Mr. Trump at this time in our movement to be a fighter for our cause. 

I was touched by the following words of our President’s to the March for Life.  It is a reminder of why we are a people of life: “We are protecting the sanctity of life and the family as the foundation of our society. But this movement can only succeed with the heart and the soul and the prayer of the people.

Truly, Our Lord is a “God of surprises” by giving the pro-life movement this thrice married, playboy from Queens as our leader but I’m sure many people at the time of Paul were also astonished by his Road to Damascus.