Ladies and gentlemen, the spectacle that we witnessed Thursday in the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate was all about Roe vs. Wade and its ultimate reversal. The death throes of this Supreme Court decision could be seen on the faces of the Democrat members of the committee as they assailed Judge Kavanaugh with entries from his high school yearbook and 35-year-old claims of sexual abuse.

In my lifetime, I have seen the “Borking” of a nominee, talk of a Coke can in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing, and now the Democrats accusing a Republican nominee of participating in gang rape. This what desperate people do; they say and do desperate things.

How the Democrats on this committee could keep a straight face when they made these spurious charges is scary. Let’s take Cory Booker, who admitted in writing to grouping young girls in his earlier life. Then there is Sen. Diane Feinstein, the octogenarian Senator from California, who was chauffeured around for years by a Chinese spy and was a staunch defender of Bill Clinton during his salacious Presidency.

The height of the hypocrisy was Sen. Blumenthal from Connecticut who invoked the legal principle of “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” which means false in one thing, false in all things. Blumenthal is the same man who lied about his military service in Vietnam! Have you no shame Senator? Of course, you don’t! The irony did not get lost on Republican Tom Cotton, who bravely served his country, and commented that Blumenthal has no credibility to question Judge Kavanaugh’s character.

The patron saint of the hard left is the late Ted Kennedy who invented the theory of “Borking” Republican nominees with false claims and accusations. Ted Kennedy left poor Mary Jo Kopechne at the bottom of Chappaquiddick River to die to save his political career. If you are in favor of aborting unborn children, no sin is unforgivable to the Democrats. The Democrats, as it is said, are the “Party of Death.”

We all knew this confirmation would play out like this. Unelected Judges decided Roe and the subsequent abortion regime in this country not the American people. The left needs Roe to stand because they are losing at the ballot box and in the court of public opinion with their strict adherence to abortion on demand.

Crucifying Judge Kavanaugh and his young family means nothing to the Democrats because they are only an end to a means — saving abortion on demand.

Being a pro-life Democrat is like being an extinct animal in a museum. Democratic National Chairman, Tom Perez stated that pro-lifers need not apply for membership in his party. Thus, a political party sacrifices Middle America to remain in favor with the bi-coastal elites and limousine liberals who have no respect for human life.

This hearing has shown a tipping point in this country; we are at a precipice where we destroy people for what they believe. McCarthyism at its worst! Brett Kavanaugh made it through six FBI background checks, served as a top official in the Bush Administration with access to the nuclear codes and reached to the heights of the federal judiciary. None of this would have happened if he were the monster that the Left has portrayed him to be.

The Democrat Party is playing a dangerous game with our American institutions. From national polls, it seemed months ago that Democrats were poised to make gains in Congress. Their repugnant behavior during this confirmation has reignited the legion of voters who elected Trump/Pence in 2016. These Americans still believe in fairness and the presumption of innocence.

It’s way past time that we take the vote on this brilliant jurist, public servant, loving father, faithful husband and family man. Confirm Brett Kavanaugh now!