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A Splendid Translation: Patrick P. O’Neill’s Old English Psalms

As early as the reign of King Alfred of Wessex, during the years 871-899, the Anglo-Saxons had begun to translate portions of the Bible from Latin into the vernacular. King Alfred, in fact, who had a personal devotion to praying the psalms, is thought to have translated the first fifty psalms himself.

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Life According to the Spirit — Pope Shenouda III’s The Life of Repentance and Purity

Repentance is neither a one-time event nor an occasional event: it is a daily activity and only the beginning of a lifelong journey. Some have difficulty taking this journey because of their love of sin. “The perfection of repentance is the hatred of sin,” Pope Shenouda writes.

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Saint John Fisher’s “A Spiritual Consolation” – A Meditation on Christian Reality

In this ugly and gruesome display, Fisher became a memento mori for the crowds that came to view his head. Henry surely ordered the desecration of Fisher’s body as a severe warning to all who might consider rebuking him, but perhaps some in the crowd saw the display from Fisher’s perspective as a warning to keep mind and heart always focused on Christ.

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