Category: Psychology

Suffer From Depression? Pray For An Angel

If you are someone suffering from depression, ask God for an angel who can supply sustenance and encouragement. If you have a friend or family member with the illness, consider that you could be that angel for that person in their life. Give them the bread of prayer, the water of kindness and understanding, the encouragement of unconditional love.

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Paying Attention to People Out of Tune

Little do we know that we are surrounded by people in need of maintenance or repair or just a little “tender loving care.” Little do we know about those people with whom we work or who live on the same street or whom we see every day at the convenience store; those people we see at church on Sundays or send Christmas cards every year; or anonymously sit nearby at the local Italian restaurant.

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Where Does This Path Really Lead?

The more I studied all the activity of my life, internal and external, the more I wondered “to what end?” Is the intention to make more money than I do now? To write a best-selling book? To make more friends? To have no regrets? Or is it something much bigger and less measurable: to make the world a better place, to realize true happiness?

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