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How Obama and Clinton Coopted Catholics — the So-Called “Catholic Spring”

What we have learned from WikiLeaks is that in its efforts to interfere with the Church in the United States and Church teaching the Clinton campaign bears a closer resemblance to the Russians and the Communist Manifesto than to our founding fathers and the Constitution. Where is the outrage?

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Dump PayPal and All Companies Opposed to Religious Liberty

These are battles you can win. You do not have to use PayPal in many cases. You do not have to drink Starbucks coffee. You do not have to watch or attend NFL or NBA games. You do not have to belong to the Democratic Party or vote for its candidates. Stop supporting them.

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Don’t Forget To Love Him — Jesus Christ

The reason so many Christians – especially Catholics – are fleeing or simply ignoring their faith is because they see no opportunity to make Jesus relevant and meaningful in their world. They look at political issues, economic issues, gender issues, sexual issues and just about any other issue that crosses their minds and just can’t see where Jesus fits.

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