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Pope Francis: Answer the Four Cardinals

The cardinals have taken a necessary and courageous step in an effort to protect the holiness of the Church, its faithfulness to the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and its faithfulness to the Church’s traditional teachings on faith and morals that have Our Lord’s teachings through Scripture and tradition as a foundation.

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Amoris Laetitia: Pope Francis Looks First to the World

Essentially, traditional marriage for Francis is an ideal, merely an ideal, that most people cannot attain. And while the Church will continue to promote the ideal, because few can attain the Church’s ideal marriage what are thought of as irregular unions and marriages, Francis believes, should in practice be legitimized.

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Dump PayPal and All Companies Opposed to Religious Liberty

These are battles you can win. You do not have to use PayPal in many cases. You do not have to drink Starbucks coffee. You do not have to watch or attend NFL or NBA games. You do not have to belong to the Democratic Party or vote for its candidates. Stop supporting them.

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Saint John Fisher’s “A Spiritual Consolation” – A Meditation on Christian Reality

In this ugly and gruesome display, Fisher became a memento mori for the crowds that came to view his head. Henry surely ordered the desecration of Fisher’s body as a severe warning to all who might consider rebuking him, but perhaps some in the crowd saw the display from Fisher’s perspective as a warning to keep mind and heart always focused on Christ.

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A Timely Book of Sound Doctrine: St. Basil’s On Christian Ethics

Readers of the Ethics will have no doubt about why Holy Communion cannot be offered to the divorced and civilly married or why the Church can never recognize same-sex unions and similar falsehoods some wish to introduce into the Church.

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