Category: Conservatism

Dump PayPal and All Companies Opposed to Religious Liberty

These are battles you can win. You do not have to use PayPal in many cases. You do not have to drink Starbucks coffee. You do not have to watch or attend NFL or NBA games. You do not have to belong to the Democratic Party or vote for its candidates. Stop supporting them.

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Why Cursive Writing Is Disappearing from Our Classrooms

I can also testify to the fact that for years, scores of students have been washing up on the shores of higher education without these skills, let alone with any knowledge of grammar or of the writing process itself, and hence unable upon arrival, they are unable to construct a coherent paragraph, let alone a basic five-paragraph essay.

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Message to Congress — Quit When Your Time Is Up!

A little scrutiny of the senator’s record might reveal a tendency—just to take some current examples—to champion big expenditures for military bases in his home state even as he pleads helplessness in challenging government funding of Planned Parenthood or enforcing the laws on illegal immigration. All in all, it’s a pattern that’s too familiar.

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