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Pope Francis: Answer the Four Cardinals

The cardinals have taken a necessary and courageous step in an effort to protect the holiness of the Church, its faithfulness to the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and its faithfulness to the Church’s traditional teachings on faith and morals that have Our Lord’s teachings through Scripture and tradition as a foundation.

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How Obama and Clinton Coopted Catholics — the So-Called “Catholic Spring”

What we have learned from WikiLeaks is that in its efforts to interfere with the Church in the United States and Church teaching the Clinton campaign bears a closer resemblance to the Russians and the Communist Manifesto than to our founding fathers and the Constitution. Where is the outrage?

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Tax-Exempt Status Is a Real Issue – A Friendly Reply to Father De Vous

Some bishops and apparatchiks – who might have to find other lines of work should public money dry up – thrive on the modest prestige and the euphoric feeling-like-players that rubbing shoulders with government officials who direct largesse their way can engender. And this clouds their judgments for it is a conflict of interest.

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