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How Trump Tapped the Political Power of Catholics and Evangelicals

Much of what Deal wrote about in his must read book Onward Christian Soldiers: The Growing Political Power of Catholics and Evangelicals in the United States (2008) was a factor in the Trump win. I recently read this important work and feel it is vital that we review and discern the lessons learned from the Trump Victory and the blueprint that Deal advanced in this book so that we can assure future victories.

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Catholic surprise: another way Trump is remaking the GOP

But one Catholic leader, Deal Hudson, didn’t believe this, and he single-handedly organized a big-name Catholic Advisory Committee, a conference call with state campaign directors, a conference call between Trump and Catholic leaders, a tweet and video from Trump when Mother Teresa was canonized and an interview with Trump on the Catholic EWTN television network.

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Brexit and Trump – The Little Platoons Have Stopped Standing Still

There’s a grand history of political philosophy behind the wishes of the Brexit and Trump voters, something simple anger cannot explain. It’s a philosophy that Edmund Burke found in the “little platoons,” men and women in real communities who wish to live their lives dedicated to preserving a past inherited from their fathers as part of the future they hope to bequeath to their children.

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