Author: Deal Hudson

10 Christmas Albums You May Not Know

I chuckle at my use of “albums” given the remarkable comeback of vinyl recordings, though downloading is actually the medium gradually replacing the CD.  Thus, I would advise the reader to check both CD and download formats for the recordings listed below (links to both, where available, are provided). I’ve been something of a Christmas music nerd since my teenage years, due possibly to my sentimental nature but more likely because of a body of music that has stood the “test of time” and, even more, the challenge of repeated hearings. These tunes are mercilessly pumped through elevators, malls, and,...

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A Cultural Outcast Asks: Who Can I Turn To, When Nobody Loves Me?

I’m a regular reader of various cultural blogs and magazines, especially those devoted to books, film, and classical music. Some of them have fed my mind and soul since college days. But over the past six months, I have watched as many of them bash Donald Trump and his “deplorable” followers month after month and week after week. What does it say about me that I am still reading most of them? These are the editors and writers who have directed much of my reading, listening, and viewing during my lifetime. What does it say about me that I valued...

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Dear Aiden, About That Picture You Saw, Let Me Try to Explain….

October 23, 2016                                                                                                                                             Fairfax, VA Dear Aiden, Your mother told me you were recently confused by a picture and asked her some questions about it. She has asked me...

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