Author: Deal Hudson

The 100 Best Catholic Films for Christmas

In offering this list, I am not following any theological guidelines, rather I am concerned with those films that display the highest level of artistry in exploring how the birth of Jesus Christ impacted the world, its history, and all who have lived before and after. Thus, I hope that you, the reader, put aside concerns about what constitutes an orthodox Catholic film, and discover on this list some films that will bring you enjoyment. In addition, you may find some films to be inspirational or edifying and, as a result, receive a renewed aspiration toward seeking the source of all...

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10 Christmas Albums You May Not Know

I chuckle at my use of “albums” given the remarkable comeback of vinyl recordings, though downloading is actually the medium gradually replacing the CD.  Thus, I would advise the reader to check both CD and download formats for the recordings listed below (links to both, where available, are provided). I’ve been something of a Christmas music nerd since my teenage years, due possibly to my sentimental nature but more likely because of a body of music that has stood the “test of time” and, even more, the challenge of repeated hearings. These tunes are mercilessly pumped through elevators, malls, and,...

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Today We Remember the Millions Who Were Killed for Communism

One hundred years ago today — Nov. 7, 1917 — the Russian Revolution began in Moscow leading to the creation of a communist state in the former empire of Russia. It’s an anniversary worth thinking about not only for its historical significance but also because of the recent poll of millennials, ages 15-35, that found a majority of them would prefer to live in a social, fascist, or communist state. Even for those who have faced squarely the demise of education at all levels, this is a sobering. The poll itself was commissioned by the Communist Memorial Foundation that...

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