Author: Deal Hudson

A German/Danish Film – “The Land of Mine” – Proves Great Movies Are Being Made

I grow weary of hearing people say, “They don’t make good movies anymore.” Good, even great, films are released each year, but are shown in only a few movie theaters in the US. Those who complain must be paying attention only to what’s showing at the local cinema. There’s a much larger world of movies that, if you are interested, you must seek out to find. I read film magazines such as Sight & Sound, Cineaste, and Film Comment, and check in regularly with websites such as and The highly-praised films I read about rarely achieve wide release in...

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Why I’m Watching “The Thin Man” Rather Than the Oscars

The title above may appear to be of trivial importance, or of no importance at all. But to me, as a lifelong film buff, it’s akin to declaring a change in sexual orientation. All of my adult life, I have placed the date of the Academy Awards on my calendar, making sure that night would be free, no matter where I might be traveling or what responsibilities I had to honor. Oscar night was sacrosanct. After the 2017 Golden Globe and SAG Awards, I’m certain the 2017 Academy Awards will be nothing less than a President Donald Trump hate-fest....

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