Author: Brother Mark Dohle

Talking to a “Crazy” Man

About twenty years ago, there was a man in our retreat house who seemed to be suffering from some form of mental illness. Because of that, he was causing some problems with those who trying to have a quiet retreat. I went to visit with him and to talk a bit and see what his problem might be. He was a nice man, in his early forties, well-groomed and friendly, but he had trouble communicating in a way that made me doubt there was any real connection. His reactions were a bit left of center, so I could understand...

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It Makes Me Nervous to Talk About Grief

We give many different types of retreats here at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.  This week the subject is grief, and I am the presenter. Of all the issues we address, grief causes me the greatest anxiety since by its very nature grieving is so personal. If we live long enough, we will experience the stinging, sometimes paralyzing loss of a person we love deeply. It’s become something of a cliche to start a discussion by saying, “There are two kinds of people.”  Well, I would like to preface my remarks on grief by saying there are three kinds of people...

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